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Here's what Steyoyoke's founder Soul Button had to say about Affinity:

"I believe that the way musicians or producers show their feelings is exactly through the music they create. This pandemic has been life-changing, especially for performance artists; most of us were used to traveling and performing around the world, so without a doubt, suddenly spending so many months stuck at home has influenced our perception and also our taste.

When we decided to make an album that could remark this period, we agreed to make a track each, just sitting in our studios and letting it just come out, without thinking of making a track that could be in line with Steyoyoke, but just feeling free. Once the album was ready, we thought to give the opportunity to our followers to buy it for a modest price, but also for them to be able to offer an additional contribution to support the label. It has become very hard to run a label, which mainly lives off artist bookings and music sales, when there are no events to book and DJs don’t buy music.

We never stopped producing and providing beautiful music during these long months, and we don’t want to stop. However, to keep going on we need support, and even a small contribution from all the people who believe in our efforts would be a big help for a business like ours facing this uncomfortable moment. This is the “Affinity” project. Certainly something that will keep standing out in our catalogue forever." - Soul Button


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Steyoyoke presents “Affinity”, a mind-bending 24-track album; a unique new compilation conceived to deliver groundbreaking music and to unite artists from different parts of the world. This album features a top-shelf roster of some of the amazing artists who proudly call Steyoyoke their home: Soul Button, Nick Devon, Raphael Mader, Strinner, Monarke, Hakan, Synästhesie, Browncoat, Grammik, Diazar, Law Of Physics, Clawz SG, Whirl, Darko Milosevic, Voices Of Valley, MPathy, Riggel, Hools, Leufen, Rustboy, Anders., Mashk, and Tenderheart.This exclusive compilation joins the forces of many Steyoyoke artists and delivers a soul-searching and mesmerizing trip, with each artist adding their own musical touch and feeling. The tracklist delivers a full range of emotions, from delicate and vibrant melodies, to escalating darker soundscapes and euphoric grooves. Let the intensity of it all take you over and soothe the mind and soul.