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In the words of Qilla Records's Vishal  "The ‘Artmosphere’ series was our first step into the world of Bandcamp’s supportive system for independent artists and labels, which previously featured re-releases of key tracks from our catalogue. We change course with 'Volume 3' to present fresh music from various artists across the underground music community.Portugal-based Floating Machine commences the compilation with a slow-burn ethereal iteration of a label classic, ‘Vortex’ by key fort member, SHFT. This is followed by ‘Reverie’ by Rushil from Chandigarh,  an original that fuses hypnotic structures with deft guitar work. Soop from Sydney returns to the fort with ‘Enigma’- a smooth expedition that exhibits his take on deep & evolving textures. ‘Ozran’, the much-awaited return of the label founder Kohra, makes the wait well worth it, with his trademark grooves and psychedelic sound design. The penultimate track is offered by the A&R of the label, Vishal Unni, an original that explores paraphonic synthesis techniques melded with melodic & minimal techno influences. The ‘Safar’ collective founder, I7HVN, closes the compilation with a deep broken beat journey with an evocative sonic palette that stays true to the theme of this release.The release is scheduled to release on June 24th, a week before 'Bandcamp Friday', an initiative by the platform to show their support to independent musicians, by waiving their fee and offering 100% of the sales to the artist/label. The pre-order is now live via Bandcamp and we have premieres out and scheduled with Indefinite Pitch, Oslated, 6AM, Les Yeux Orange & Decoded Magazine."



SHFT - Vortex (Floating Machine Remix)

Rushil - Reverie

Soop - Enigma

Kohra - Ozran

Vishal Unni "Emanator"

I7HVN - Shrinking Violet