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Q: Please introduce yourself

My name is Axel Giovanniello (aka Axel Giova). I am a music producer & DJ from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sonically, my productions stretch from Ethereal Techno, Melodic Techno and Progressive house.


Q: One person you'd dream to have a coffee with?

I don't drink coffee, but I would with Jim Morrison and Edgar Alan Poe. Both of them were with me for a long time in my life and I empathize with their art. I would have loved to meet the man behind that art.


Q: If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

When I was a child I always wanted to be invisible. I was convinced that this way I could be wherever I wanted without anyone seeing me. Today, it would be time travel. Both into the future and the past. Being able to be in moments that made history.


Q: If given the opportunity to create a film score, which movie would you choose and why?

I guess it would be Inception by Christopher Nolan. It is a film that totally adapts to my way of producing. a Journey between the slightly fanciful, poetic, but real, with moments of suspense, but with a presence of love as the main driver. 

Q: Who has been the most influential in your music career? And who has been the most influential in your personal life?

I believe that influence is not given by a single person. It is the sum of small important records. Moments that were significant and that marked you in some way. For me, those records or moments were always accompanied by music. In such a way that I have registered musical sensations. And when I hear certain chords or melodies, it transports me to those moments. Making me feel happiness, sadness, nostalgia, hope, love, pain. And so I feel and make music. I can't recognize someone in particular who influenced me. Many tracks from different artists.And in my personal life, without a doubt my mother, who always in one way or another, willingly or unintentionally, gave me what I needed, even though I didn't think so at the time. Today from a distance and being a father, I appreciate it a lot.


Q: Could you share with us your journey – the good and bad experiences that have brought you to where you are today?

My journey was mutating and evolving. As I said in the previous question, music is always present in my life. It's not something that works. It is a way of feeling and expressing and that expression has evolved.It is growing, and in these last 10 years in a much more intense way and with more exhibition. It is a trip that I enjoy in each of its moments. Both when I produce, when I listen or when I play live. It is a journey that will definitely last my whole life, surely mutating and evolving.On that journey there are obviously better and worse moments, moments of low energy and others that are very high, but I believe that persistence is the key.

Q: Everyone goes through ups and downs, what’s one habit you adopt to push through the downs?

As I said, persistence and not taking low moments as a final definition. Simply as a necessary moment to push and get good moments. You can't be happy all the time. You can generate many moments of happiness and those moments are more and more. But there will always be no happy moments. I try not to concentrate on those moments, I try to concentrate on the good moments and wishing for them.


Q: What is one pro work ethic that you would recommend to the readers/listeners?

I suppose that at the end of the day, what I feel is that you have to do what you really like, trust it, feel it, and put all the energy and work you have available to it. Trust the process, since the results are never immediate.And I say to do what you like, because nobody assures you anything, unless it is going to work. But if you do what you like for the moment, enjoy the moment and if it works out later, that's glorious.


Q: How has your music style evolved over the years?

This is totally related to the previous answer. Evolve where I like. I express what I feel and feel authentic. I really enjoy playing my tracks and in my presentations 50% are my tracks. Before I played one or two, I produced things that were right for the market, and that doesn't make me feel as full as today producing what I like. I mean, they may like it or not, but I really enjoy doing it and the result as well.



Q: If you were to venture into another music genre, which one would you choose and why?

I would try to always follow the new trends. It happens to me many times that I don't like them, but I understand the composition and what the listener receives, and it seems to me that something of that is incorporated in me.On the other hand, something interesting to always listen to is classical music. It's like going back to the origins, to the simple. Listening to a piano played in a complete way, without the presence of a bass guitar, drums, synthesizer, etc., is something amazing. I don't do it too much but when I do it for short moments, it is very nutritious.


Q: Could you name 3 tracks that got you into electronic music and why?

Here my answer will not be with tracks. They will be bands that unconsciously put me in Pink Floyd as a band, for their progressive records that tell a story. That you had to listen to them from start to finish and you didn't want them to end. It has a logic like electronic music today when I play. I create a story that is linked.

Jean Michael Jarre because he was the first one I heard with music without lyrics and using different instruments that made sounds that drove me crazy. And that today electronic music gives me.



Q: Can you recommend a hidden gem in your home country that would be perfect for a rave?

Argentina is a cradle of spectacular music. I would recommend that you search for Argentine producers who, according to the taste of each one, will find outstanding tracks.


Q: Could you tell us about your upcoming releases and plans for the year?

Okay. This year so far has been very rewarding for me. I edited music on Steyoyoke (Vision) which is a track that fascinates me and it went and is going very well, I released an EP on Inner Siphony, also a remix for the same label, and also 2 EPs with 3 tracks each on the Eat label My Hat that had very good results.I have 4 EP's ahead of me to come out on labels like ICONYC, onedotsixtwo, moonlight. And my plans are to continue growing and evolving. trying to make my music reach more and more people and, hopefully, they like it.


Q: Can you share a fun fact about yourself that most of your listeners are probably unaware of?

I'm very good at making Negronis.