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Q: Please introduce yourself

I’m Bastian Bux, a guy from Barcelona who had dreams and went for them. 

Q: One person you'd dream to have a coffee with?

Elon Musk. I would like to know if he's a hero or a supervillain. I can't imagine a more interesting person than him to have coffee with. I bet you can talk about any topic. 

Q: If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Teleportation. I would save countless hours flying, and a lot of money! Hahaha.


Q: If given the opportunity to create a film score, which movie would you choose and why?

Good question. I would say 'Interstellar' because it is by far my favorite film ever, but HansZimmer's work was too good, so... Maybe 'Wall-E.' I love the fact that there are almost zero dialogues, so music is an essential part of sending the message. 

Q: Who has been the most influential in your music career? And who has been the most influential in your personal life?

My biggest professional influences have been my DJ friends, the ones I grew up with: Aritz andBaum, especially, or DJs from my teen years like Juanra or Pacco Duran. They've shaped both my musical taste and professional decisions. Aritz and Baum still serve as my personal oracles whenI need feedback and advice of any kind. If I have to speak about my personal life influences, I would say my sister, my parents, and my close friends. They're my essential compass, my guide—the best one I could ever have. 

Q: Could you share with us your journey – the good and bad experiences that have brought you to where you are today?

It's been a long, bumpy road with its ups and downs, and I believe that every struggle and success has played a part in shaping my path. My passion for music, my desire to learn, improve,and discover, my unending curiosity, and my non-conformist attitude have all contributed to where I find myself today. I fell in love with creating and playing music at a very young age, and if I were to delve into every detail that brought me to this point, it would require a book. In summary, I would say the key factor was understanding and accepting early on that you must offer something interesting, bring value to the table, for this industry to embrace you and provide a platform where you can thrive. 

Q: Everyone goes through ups and downs, what’s one habit you adopt to push through the downs?

Acceptance is key. When you realize that much of our pain arises from questioning ourselves during difficult times instead of accepting them, you're already halfway to the solution. So,when I find myself going through a tough period, whether it's brief or extended, I make a conscious effort to accept it and forgive myself for experiencing it. I try to disconnect and shift my focus to something different. Often, this involves going to the gym, drawing, watching a movie, hiking with my dogs, or simply taking a moment of stillness. I've trained my mind to recognize the struggle and avoid wasting energy by resisting it. I follow a simple algorithm: 'Does the issue that's troubling me have a solution? If yes, am I taking action to address it?' All the possible answers provide me with peace of mind, and over time, I find myself back to feeling completely fine and refreshed.  

Q: What is one pro work ethic that you would recommend to the readers/listeners?

Always prioritize the positive. Recognize that every thought, action, word, or minute spent on something or with someone consumes a portion of your energy. When this energy isn't channeled toward the good, the outcome tends to be less than desirable. It's as simple as it is powerful. Take responsibility for your energy; it's a finite resource. Use it for the betterment of yourself and others. Eliminate the negativity in all its forms.  

Q: How has your music style evolved over the years?

It's funny because I feel like my musical evolution has come full circle. When I started, my passion was French-filtered disco house, but I struggled to produce it effectively. As a result, I shifted towards creating more tribal and tech house tracks. Along the way, I discovered and explored new genres such as electro, melodic, progressive, and techno. Each new genre excited me and motivated me to learn how to produce it. Over the years, I've had the opportunity to create music in almost all of these genres under different aliases. However, in the end, I found myself returning to my house music roots. Now, I feel comfortable and mature enough to produce the kind of house music I originally envisioned when I started, so it's a full-circle evolution of my musical journey.   

Q: If you were to venture into another music genre, which one would you choose and why?

I have a deep love for indie rock, and if I were to step away from electronic music in the future, I would be eager to produce a band or an indie music project.

Q: Could you name 3 tracks that got you into electronic music and why?

Rondo Veneziano – 'Odissea Veneziana

'This is my very first electronic music memory. When I was a child, not even 5 years old, my parents had this cassette at home. They tell me I would spend days listening to it over and over again. I still listen to it today; it's just that good, unexplainably good. I'm convinced that my love for electronic music began with Rondo Veneziano, and 'Odissea Veneziana' remains my favorite track of theirs.

Planet Funk – 'Chase The Sun'This track brings back memories of my sister. She's 7 years older than me and the most important person in my life. I recall her playing this song in her room when I was a kid,and I was absolutely captivated by it. It's still one of the most beautiful electronic music songs ever written.

Daft Punk – 'Around The World' Similar to 'Chase The Sun,' this song had a profound impact on me as a child. I remember watching the music video on MTV and thinking, 'How are these sounds made? They feel like they're coming from outer space!' I made a promise to myself to discover how to create such sounds. Unfortunately, I still don't have a clue, though! Hahaha.
Florence and the machine – You’ve got the Love – Mark Knight Remix –one of the tracks of my early visits to Ibiza.

Q: Can you recommend a hidden gem in your home country that would be perfect for a rave?

The Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya in my hometown, Terrassa, is a unique audiovisual center situated around a massive abandoned hospital dating back to the 1960s. It even has its own legends about ghosts and mysterious occurrences.  

Q: Could you tell us about your upcoming releases and plans for the year?

After my sixth release on my label NEVERENDZ and a single on Yaya's new label Tamango Xpress, I'm thrilled to announce an upcoming EP in collaboration with the risingSpanish talent Daniel Orpi, set to be released on his label. I've been playing it for months, and the lead single is absolutely massive! Additionally, I have another project confirmed with Classmatic's Organic Pieces, a remix for my brother and partner Baum on elrow's music, a significant collaboration with one of my favorite producers from Argentina, Discip, and a major release that I can't reveal just yet, but it's truly a dream come true. There are plenty more exciting projects in the works, though not all are 100% confirmed, so I prefer not to jinx them.Rest assured, 2024 will be a year filled with incredible music!

Q: Can you share a fun fact about yourself that most of your listeners are probably unaware of?

The only reason I wear bucket hats when I'm performing is that my hair is always a complete mess and looks terrible in pictures! Haha