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Q: Please Introduce yourself

Hi guys, Alessio aka CASSIMM here. I’m Italian but a London based fella who's been making music and playing music for a long time now.

Q: One person you'd dream to have a coffee with?

Dr Dre 100%. He’s such an inspiration as a producer, even if we don’t make the same music. What he did and achieved in music is sensational.

Q: If you were to have a superpower what would it be and why?

Oh that’s a tough one…probably be able to read people’s minds, you know. That would give me a good heads up in life and in my career I think.

Q: If you would have been given the chance to do a film score, what movie would you choose and why?

Scarface. I’d make it really funky. It gives me that 80 funky disco vibes and it’s something I love playing every time I pick up my Electric bass.

Q: Who influenced you the most in your music career? And who influenced you the most in your personal life?

My music journey started way back, I was 8 years old when I met music for the first time. Before moving to dance music I’ve learned how to play guitar and electric bass, then drum and piano right after. I’ve been a member of a band for years and that is something I brought with me in dance music, you know. So I don’t really have a single artist who influenced me more than another, I just took what I liked from different genres, and made it mine during my journey. I remember when I was 16/17, I had one of those mp3 players that looked like a usb stick (really old stuff), and my folder had no sense at all, every song playing was literally different from the previous one, from dance to rock, to hard metal, to hip hop.

Q: How has your music style evolved over the years?

I’m in a continuous evolution, it’s part of the job being always up to date with what people like and want to dance these days. I’ve definitely evolved my skill, that’s for sure. When I listen back to a track I made years ago, I can hear exactly what I was missing then and the difference with the quality of my music today.

Q: If you had to follow another music genre, which one would you pick and why?

Electronic/Blackbeat. A lot of emotions in those beats, and the fact you have a bit of more freedom in terms of rules during the arrangement mode of atrack. Love the Bicep stuff ,for example, their music is beyond extraordinary.


Q: Recommend a hidden gem in your home country that would fit a perfect rave?

Colosseum in Rome.


Q: Tell us about your upcoming releases and plans for this year

A lot going on to be honest, I've been working on loads of new music and we’re in the process of signing most of them. So far I have confirmed releaseson Toolroom, Spinnin, Who Plays and The Myth of Nyx.


Q: Tell us a fun fact about yourself that most of your listeners don’t know

I’m a Simpsons addict. I have a quite large collection of stuff like cups, Homer miniatures, t-shirts, everything that has The Simpsons on it, I buy it.