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August 21, 2023

Chambord are a French duo of organic house producers who are making their return to the Sol Selectas record label with their new release, ‘Quiet Times’. This is the first time that Chambord have taken centre stage on Sol Selectas with their previous contributions to the record label being either remixes or part of a compilation release. Quiet Times features a solo original track that sees Chambord collaborate with Jo.Ke who is a well-known vocalist that added lyrics to the hit track "Who Loves The Sun" by NU. Who Loves The Sun has picked up over 45 million plays on Spotify, and his collaboration with Chambord is another winning combination. Adding further weight to the captivating original track are remixes by Landikhan and El Mundo who are both respected organic house producers. El Mundo being a Dutch artist with links to labels such as Crosstown Rebels and Get Physical. Landikhan is a Spanish artist who runs the highly respected imprint LNDKHN, but his music can also be found on other labels such as Café Del Mar and Stil Vor Talent. There is also an alternative version made by Chukku and Jo.Ke, which sees the vocalist team up with German producer Chukku. Chukku and Jo.Ke create an Afro house groove that switches up the vibe while also staying true to the original. The original mix of “Quiet Times” opens the release with Jo.Ke’s haunting vocals that are layered with shuffling percussion rhythms and intricate chords underpinned by a throbbing bassline. Chukku and Jo.Ke’s version is up next, then El Mundo takes control with an ethereal remix that adds new percussion and a mesmerising piano melody. Landikhan’s remix is an atmospheric rework that adds building suspense and additional melody parts alongside a new bassline.


You can buy the release below.


Chambord & Jo.Ke