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Q: Please introduce yourself

Hi My name is Fiona Kraft. I’m a French producer and dj based in Ibiza. 

Q: One person you'd dream to have a coffee with?

Ray Charles, as I’m impressed and fascinated in many ways.  

Q: If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Teleportation to escape fast, also to not to take planes anymore :) it would be more ecological and far less tiring.  


Q: If given the opportunity to create a film score, which movie would you choose and why?

Kill Bill by Quentin Tarantino. The movie gives great opportunity to the music to be an integral part of the storytelling.   

Q: Who has been the most influential in your music career? And who has been the most influential in your personal life?

I can't name a single person who has influenced me in my career. There are many artists that I admire like Henri Schwartz, Kerri Chandler, Guy Gerber, Black Coffee, Carl Craig but also may father and his playing.   

Q: Could you share with us your journey – the good and bad experiences that have brought you to where you are today?

I would say years of work, patience, persistence, my music and people I met along the way. When I look back it all seems very clear now.   

Q: Everyone goes through ups and downs, what’s one habit you adopt to push through the downs?

I isolate myself and watch old French comedies which remind me of a period in my life when I felt good.  

Q: What is one pro work ethic that you would recommend to the readers/listeners?

Everyone can benefit form prioritising the things and not wasting time.  

Q: How has your music style evolved over the years?

It's a constant evolution, I started by liking house and techno when I wasn't yet a DJ. Then when I started as a dj I played Afro Tech, Tech House and Melodic Techno. Today I really like to vary my sets by going from one style to another. To me it’s more important to take the dancers in many places than just to fulfil someones expectations. I like to surprise them and leave them with new enthusiasm for clubbing and music in general.  

Q: If you were to venture into another music genre, which one would you choose and why?

Definitely I’d go towards Detroit Techno, no doubt about that.


Q: Could you name 3 tracks that got you into electronic music and why?

Kenkraft400 - Zombie Nation  

Celeda - The Underground  

Dj Rolando - Knight of the Jaguar  


Q: Can you recommend a hidden gem in your home country that would be perfect for a rave?

For a very special crowd and at the right moment I would build up in order to drop this. Magic Fly by Space. Colors and trips.    

Q: Could you tell us about your upcoming releases and plans for the year?

I don’t have anything scheduled for the rest of the year but from April onwards you can expect to hear some of the tracks I’ve been testing this season to be released. I feel like I need to step up my game a bit so that’s why I’m a bit slow with releases in the last period. It’s all very personal for me so the music I release needs to reflect where I am completely. It’s the art and art needs time.


Q: Can you share a fun fact about yourself that most of your listeners are probably unaware of?

At a Pétanque tournament in Lyon I won against the rugby player Sébastien Chabal

Bonus Q Powered by Pioneer DJ: How did Pioneer DJ influence your career and what is your favorite Pioneer DJ gear?

That’s the V10! It was quite a jump sound wise from the 900nxs2 for me. I love everything about it,  the sound, the layout. Eq is very precise and I ride the effects and Isolator a lot. I also love that I can easily play unmastered tracks because of compression option. I played on it for the first time at HI in Ibiza and from then on I changed my tech rider. Now I’m thinking of getting RMX1000 for my home setup. :)