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August 21, 2023

Gabu Records presents Baloo & Carlo's latest track, "Salted Chocolate," set to drop on August 17, 2023. A warm, future-disco-tinged groove, "Salted Chocolate" is a mixture of 80's funk and nuanced modern percussion.Carlo, Berlin-based DJ/producer, and Saudi DJ, Baloo, each bring their distinct styles to the table in this collaboration. Carlo, known for his versatile chunky House music, has made his mark in the Berlin scene, releasing music under renowned labels like Classic Music Company, Shall Not Fade, and Purism. On the other side, Baloo has been the driving force behind the Saudi underground music scene and is one of the curators behind MDLBEAST. His eclectic energy on the dance floor resonates from his experience playing globally and his deep roots in Jazz, funk, disco, and R&B."Salted Chocolate" is the latest release from Gabu Records, Baloo's label and event concept. This tune embodies the label's commitment to showcasing unique sounds and versatile production styles.


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Baloo & Carlo

Salted Chocolate [Gabu Records]