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May. 10. 2023

Iranian-born musician Namito, who now resides in Germany, is known for his melodic house music, and he also manages the Übersee Music record label. Übersee Music’s previous releases feature music by artists ranging from Bebetta to Armen Miran, and the new release welcomes Justin Rezvani for a two-track EP. It's hardly surprising, after hearing the music, that Justin Rezvani has joined Namito's label, as both artists share a similar and detailed sound. The tracks on this EP are expertly produced with strong depth and vitality, where his style has organic sounds blended with strong synth melodies and flowing percussion rhythms. Fans of Namito will likely find Justin Rezvani’s music to perfectly match their tastes and the release opens with the EP’s title track "Here Be Dragons". Here Be Dragons has bursts of bass and shuffled percussion that goes well with the uplifting melody synth. Introduced in the breakdown sections are chanting vocals that give the song an prestigious sound that has the epic vibe of a grand ceremony.The next track is "Begoo," which is anchored by Tannaz Abbassioun's dramatic vocal. It has a wonderful sound design with a bassline rich in sub-bass and synths that create an upbeat, airy feel. It’s angelic vocals and ethereal atmospherics are truly sublime and work perfectly with the flow of the percussion.


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