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June . 05 . 2023

Cereus and Revibe are two aspiring organic house artists that are working together for the first time, and their new release comes via the highly respected record label, Baikal Nomads. Baikal Nomads catalogue includes the likes of Guy Maayan, Zuma Dionys, The Oddness and Jean Vayat, with Cereus and Revibe being the latest additions to the label’s roster.The release features two original tracks including a collaboration between Cereus and Revibe, plus a solo production by Cereus. There are also remix versions from Veytik, Alex Doering and Timboletti who each transform one of the originals. Veytik has dropped enchanting tracks via labels ranging from Harabe to Cafe De Anatolia. Alex has worked with the likes of Kosa and The Purr. Timboletti is the best known of the artists on this release, and he is an organic house pioneer known for his music on Sol Selectas, Kindisch and 3000 Grad Records.“Kula” is the first track on the release and it’s the collaboration between Cereus & Revibe, which is deep and poignant with delicate textures and shuffling percussion rhythms that add revitalising energy to the soothing atmosphere.Produced by Cereus, “Chandra” is second of the original tracks, and it’s a charming piece of music with uplifting melodies and enchanting atmosphere that give the track an upbeat vibe.Veytik’s remixes Kula with the help of an African vocal which combined with a reduction in tempo, creates a whole new vibe. Downtempo and full of slender, he also adds an organic melody sound that helps transform the original into this new version.Alex Doering’s reworks Chandra into a version with dubby pads and atmospheric vocals that are washed n delay, he also adds tinkling melodies that add a sparkle to his version.Timboletti’s remix of Kula has an added vocal sample and rubbery synth stabs that give the track an upbeat and techy groove making good use of the original’s synth parts.


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