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Marc Depulse Socials

Interviewed by GBS - January 24.2019

Q: Introduce yourself then describe yourself in one word.

I´m DJ for 15+ years and producer for 20 years now, living in Germany, touring and releasing all over the world. One word? Puh... “workaholic” maybe


Q: Club or Festival and why?

Festival a bit more. Love to play in the summer open air. But on the other hand I love the familiar feeling when playing in small clubs.


Q: Analog or Digital and why?

I´m more the digital guy. Never been a hardware freak, I´m doing all my production things with software.  


Q: Favorite Plug in and why does it stand out from the rest?

Really don't know. Most interesting things happening in my head is when I´m far away from home in exciting countries where I can´t imagine to expect something. But also playing local gigs could be super special.


Q: What was the driving force that got you into DJing/Producing and when?

I started producing 20 years ago in 1999. A friend showed me how to produce electronic music on a PC and I´m fascinated till now. Later in 2002 I started DJ'ing... first just for fun, later for the business. But it´s still fun of course. Love my job so much and after all these years I´m still full of passion.


Q: If you were to have a superpower, what would it be and why?

Flying. I´m a frequent traveller with 50+ flights every year but I don´t really like sitting in an airplane while anyone else handles my destiny. So I´d like to fly myself if I could make a wish.


Q: Favorite day of the week?

Monday. Coming down from the weekend touring stress and watching the news of the past days. Besides the normal news it´s in most of the cases all football matches in summery I´ve missed.


Q: Favorite sport and why?

Football since I was a child. Ask me about 1st to 4th league in Germany, I know every team, and almost every player..ha!

Q: If you would have been given the chance to do a film score from the past, what movie would you choose and why?

Uh, good question. I don´t know. I never did film music except some smart “off” productions on my latest album for example.

Q: Recommend a Hidden Gem in your Home country

Well, Germany is completely overloaded with festivals, open airs – doesn't matter if legal or illegal. So the question should be: where has no rave been before yet?

Q: 3 tracks that got you into electronic music

Into the music I´m now doing:

Dave Shokh – “Shokh´n roll”

Patrick Chardronnet – “Eve By Day”

Fairmont – “Gazebo”

Q: Tell us about your upcoming releases and plans for this year (Exclusive release/announcement)

I´m having a 2-track-release on Parquet Recordings in March, followed by a single on Motek, Beat Boutique. Also I made two tracks with Darin Epsilon and we´re currently looking where to place it.

Q: Tell us a fun fact about yourself that most of your followers don’t know

My parents sent me to music school to learn accordeon when I was a child. I hated it. I went to a musicial school later because it was close to home and part of the A-levels deal was: playing either an instrument or joining the choir to sing. I didn´t like my accordeon so I went to choir, but I prefered playing football more in my youth. I wasn´t interested in that all so much, but all my classmates around me were either professional singers, playing super exciting instruments or had a huge plan with music in their life. But, in the end I´m the only of the guys who´s doing music as a fulltime job now (20 years later). I would love to tell this to my tutor but unfortunately he passed away already 15 years ago. Pretty sure he didn´t expect that I´m going this way and pretty sure we would be very proud of me. So the guy who wasn´t interested in music that much once is now the only who´s doing it professional – me.

Q: Last but not least, do you have any question for us?
Marc Depulse: Do you want to drink a beer with me when I´m back in Beirut? :)


Toka: Consider yourself invited to a Lebanese Dinner once you're in Beirut, Toka's treat!