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14 FAKTS INTERVIEW WITHmustafa ismaeel

Interviewed by GBS , February.03.2022

Q: How would you describe yourself in one word?


Q: What was the driving force that got you into Music Production and when?

The driving force was definitely my love and fascination with music in general andelectronic music specifically. Before starting to produce I was DJing for about 2years and my passion for music grew, at that time it was my dream to make a trackthat I can play out. In 2012 I started to learn Ableton and since I have a backgroundand degree in engineering, the technicalities like understanding how wavelengthsand frequencies work came natural to me. Obviously for the first couple of years mymusic wasn’t the greatest and I hit a bunch of walls and frustrations, but I chose notto let it bring me down, instead I tried to keep learning and improving. In 2015 Iwent for a mixing and mastering course in Berlin, which helped me a lot in makingmy sound better and helped me produce cleaner mix-downs. Since then I have hadmultiple releases with well-respected record labels and my sound has beenimproving with every release in my opinion. It has not been an easy journey but Iam so happy about it and very excited to create more music to share with the world.


Q: Analog or Digital? And why?

Right now for me it’s mainly digital. In fact I have sold almost most of my analogsynths except for a few. I have learned in the last couple of years that I am morecomfortable and get better results when using virtual synths and manipulating thesounds or making new ones on them. Virtual synths like Diva, Arturia Analog Lab,Massive and Serum can create very powerful and clean sounds if you know whatyou are doing. It's also very versatile and I can tweak and create my own soundsvery easily on them. I can also produce music when I am on the road and on tourwhich is a great advantage to me. I have tested both avenues and at this point this isthe one that has been working for me and giving me the results I want.

Q: What's your favorite venue and why does it stand out from the rest?

Tough question but I would say that Space Miami is probably my favorite venuebecause of the atmosphere, the sound and the fact that djs get to play extendedsets. The parties go on for a long time but the place doesn’t become dirty ortrashy, the crowd is nice and keeps dancing until the morning hours. Everythingin that place is great. Other favourite venues would be Stereo in Montreal,Katerblau in Berlin, Flash in Washington D.C. and Coda in Toronto. 

Q: If you were to have a superpower, what would it be and why?

Probably teleporting. So that I can be at any place and any time without the hassle.


Q: If you had to play 1 more track at your favorite club, what track would it be and why?

This is probably one of my favorite tracks to choose, the closing track. Right now Iwould play Mustafa Ismaeel – Hindsight [Rebellion]. It’s because of the emotion thatthe track has and the melancholy it gives. Something to make you go home with amemorable feeling.    Q: 1 person you'd dream to have a coffee with?

Elon Musk. So I can convince him to direct a part of his genius to theunderground music industry and culture. To find ways to give more value toeveryone who is involved in it. From the artist to the door person.

Q: If you would have been given the chance to do a film score from the past, what movie would you choose and why?

Syriana with George Clooney. One of my favorite Hollywood political movies talkingabout what is really happening behind the tables between the West and the MiddleEast.


Q: Recommend a hidden gem in your home country that would fit a perfect rave?

The Rogers Center (Skydome) in Toronto.


Q: What are 3 tracks that got you into electronic music?

Daftpunk – One More Time

Donna Summer – I feel Love

Tiesto – Adagio for Strings

Q: Tell us about your upcoming releases and plans for this year.

Well I just released a 4 track EP with Rebellion/Crosstown Rebels on Jan 21st andthe EP is currently in the Beatport charts in the Melodic House and Techno andOrganic House categories. I also have 2 more tracks scheduled to be released in thenext few months. I am also excited to play at Get Lost Miami this March.Right now I am on tour in the Middle East and will be playing in Dubai, Egypt,Turkey, also playing in Saudi Arabia for the first time. After that I head back to NorthAmerica for a US tour and ending my journey in a Canadian tour in April. A veryexciting and busy year ahead.

Q: Tell us a fun fact about yourself that most of your listeners don't know.

When I first started to DJ I was playing reggae music and from what I remember Iwas pretty good at it haha.