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April . 22 . 2023

Namito is a highly respected artist who produces styles ranging from organic house to melodic techno, and his new release sees his return to Sabo’s Sol Selectas with a new track called “Legend”. This is the sixth time Namito has featured original material on Sol Selectas after the success of his hit track “Stone Flower”, which was released by the label in 2019.Stone Flower paid homage to Namito’s Iranian heritage by featuring iconic lyrics from the country’s folk law, and his new track also features Iranian vocals.Joining the original is also a remix by Shan Nash and Rebeat who are working together for the first time. Both are Iranian artists who have been making waves as solo producers, and their techy remix adds new dimension to the original. First up is the original mix of “Legend”, which is built around a rumbling and flowing percussion to form a foundation for shimmering pads and shuffling hi-hats. Teasing the vocal as it approaches the main breakdown, the track builds suspense as it moves towards the reintroduction of the drums alongside a throbbing lead synth.Shan Nash & Rebeat tighten up the groove with the upbeat percussion of their remix, which strips back the original’s synth parts to allow the vocal to become the main focal point. They add new percussion and their own bassline to leave their mark on this energetic remix.


You can buy the release below.