April . 30 . 2023

Earthly Delights is a record label that in 2022 released a debut album by Spanish organic house artist Nau Squaglia. Nau Squaglia’s album “Midnight Blues” has been remixed by a selection of artists including Sealtian, Sides, Agustin Ficarra, Francesco Mami, Maezbi, Tayu, Purpura, Arteforma, Ivan Sandhas and Monner. Part two of the album titled ‘Midnight Blues Remixes’ breathes fresh life into the release by reinvigorating the original tracks. The original versions were already well suited for the dance floor and the new versions are even more DJ friendly. Sealtian’s spellbinding remix of “Inner Voice” is one of the standout tracks with eloquent melodies and soaring pads that create an uplifting mood. Many of the other tracks also follow the same formula with Maezbi’s remix of “Relentless” being a prime example of this. Francesco Mami also remixes “Relentless” and he delivers a techno version with dubby pads and up-tempo percussion. Arteforma’s remix of “Shape of Things to Come” is another standout as it combines atmospheric vocal stabs with an ominous bassline to create a deep house track with contrasting moods


You can buy the release below.