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March . 07 . 2023

Pierre Locher, has announced his first EP, ‘Possession' which is set to be released 10th March.

Comprising of 2 tracks, a Remaster and a Remix, this is a follow up to his successful track ‘Possession’, reaching over 1 Million streams across platforms.

By his own words Pierre comments “People have labelled me in many boxes, however I’m proud to be a fully independent music producer ”

Pierre is truly seeking to make an impact on the global electronic music scene. After numerous gigs across Europe and the Middle East, he wants to use 2023 as his musical anchoring year.


Possesion EP Drops March 10th:

1. Possession (Remastered)

2. Possession (Sames Remix)


Listen to his latest mix  below

Pierre Locher on Spotify

Pierre Locher Spotify Wrapped 2022