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June .12. 2023

Rude Audio (aka Mark Ratcliff) and Dan Wainwright, from South London and North Wales respectively, have paired their creative energies to create Psychedelic Science, an eight track dub excursion with its sights set on the feet and the head and on the home and the club. Dan and Mark have backgrounds in electronic dance music which has in the past pricked the ears, radio shows and playlists of the likes of Don Letts, Justin Robertson and the much missed Andrew Weatherall. They are joined on their trip by friends such as the legendary driver of Ken Kesey’s Magic Bus, counter – culture legend Ken Babbs, who at the age of 84 provides a showstopping vocal for a ten minute, psychedelic dub cover of Bowie’s ‘Heroes’. Elsewhere Dan and Mark find the dub spirit and take it to places new: the sweet bassline led, sci fi splendour of Fire On The Mountain; El Qasr’s off kilter dynamics and bottom end rumble; Talking To The Sun’s heliocentric spaced out sounds, with the spirit of Lord Sabre finding its way in. There’s no escaping the other influences at work here- mycological and herbal as well as musical. At the end, the pair hit the psychedelic dub motherlode with an eighteen-minute exploration of space and sound in the shape of the epic, chilled, progressive Patience Dub (A Prog Odyssey) which is the sum of the sounds and experiences of Rude Audio and Dan Wainwright, all percolating in one expansive trip.


Artist Quote - "Inspired by radio play and club support from the likes of Don Letts and - bless his cotton socks and may he RIP - Andrew Weatherall and rooted in our love of US psychedelia, especially the Dead and Jefferson Airplane, we decided to buckle down and create a massive dub lp, steeped in mycological and herbal goodness, that would appeal to the head(s) and the feet and work in clubs, back rooms and bedrooms. We were joined by Ken Kesey's right hand man on the Acid Test, Ken Babbs and psychedelic and spiritual guru, Mr Ram Dass, for part of the trip"


Rude Audio and Dan Wainwright - Psychedelic Science