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June .12. 2023

Midnight Riders is a label set up by Mexico based artist Robbie Akbal who is a DJ and producer whose sound orientates around melodic house. Robbie Akbal also runs the Akbal Music record label which has more of a percussive sound in comparison to the more synth driven style of Midnight Riders, but both imprints have a lot of organic textures within their releases. This new release from Midnight Riders features an original track by Robbie Akbal who has built his production around a sitar performance by Sidartha Siliceo. The original mix is also accompanied by remix versions from Alex Twin and Jim Rider. Alex Twin is an artist from Dubai who has worked with other labels such as Bar 25 Music and Pipe & Pochet. Jim Rider is a UK artist with close ties to Lee Burridge and his record labels All Day I Dream, TRYBESof and Tale & Tone. First on the release is the original mix of “Phangan” which opens with a trippy synth line that is soon joined by the psychedelic tones of the sitar. The organic percussion sounds create a dance floor friendly framework that fills the track with an uplifting energy. Second is Alex Twin’s remix, which is a more percussive version with a chunky sound that gives the track more weight on the dance floor. Last is Jim Rider’s remix which is distinctly different from the original with a slew of new synth parts that replace the sitar. The sitar does still make some sparse appearances, but the focus of his version is a new bassline with uplifting chords. Out now, you can buy a copy here.


robbie akbal feat. sidartha siliceo - phangan (Incl. remixes) out on