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Interviewed by GBS , February.18..2020

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Hello, my name is Roland Bachour which is where the artist name Rolbac is derived from. I currently reside in Beirut, Lebanon. I’m an upcoming Dj/producer in the electronic music scene.


Q: How would you describe the Beirut scene in your point of view?

The Beirut music scene is extremely diverse and evolving year by year. Whether you want to hear Electronic, Rock and Roll, Reggae, Arabic, Classical music, and any sort of music honestly - you’ll find it all. The only thing I wish we could fix a little is ask our crowds to be more open and receptive to hearing different kinds of music. As an artist, I love to educate others of new styles. 

Q: What was your all-time favorite show in Beirut from the past? And why?

I’d like to say my favorite show in Beirut so far has been the Boiler Room showcase at The Ballroom Blitz. The reason being is because, I was asked to perform a live set for them. The energy, the crowd, the overall experience and teamwork put together from both Boiler Room and The Ballroom Blitz was remarkable and on point. You can check out my live set on Youtube to get a taste of the event.


Q: Recommend a hidden gem in Lebanon that you've always wanted to throw a rave in

A hidden gem in Beirut would be ... the tree house my friends and I used to hang out in. Unfortunately, it is no longer accessible. Hopefully, the owners will see this and think about launching it again, haha.


Q: What are your thoughts on how Beirut's Electronic Music Scene has evolvedthroughout the years?

Beirut has definitely grown a lot in the past decade and allowed many artists to find a scene for themselves and express themselves artistically and musically. If you’re looking for great food, culture, music, and tourism, Beirut is the place to check out!


Q: What's the Purpose/Message behind the sound you play and produce?

The purpose of my sound is to express how I feel. I have never been one to express myself with words, but more through drum machines, synthesizers, etc. I want to deliver a euphoric feeling through my music to my listeners and hopefully allow them to feel how I felt in the moment of creating the track.


Q: One person you'd dream to have a coffee with?

Robag Wruhme.


Q: If you were to have a super power, what would it be and why?

I love to travel and see new places so, I think teleporting would have to be a super power I’d wish to have.

Q: If you had the chance of doing a film score from the past, what movie would you choose and why?

Pulp fiction. 

Q: If you weren't a DJ and Music Producer right now what would you be pursuinginstead?

I honestly don’t know. I couldn’t even imagine myself pursuing anything else. Just thinking about it right now confuses me haha.


Q: Fun fact about yourself that most of your listeners don't know

While producing, I move my hands to the beat in an odd way. More like drawing out visibly with my hands how I think my music would look like.

Q: Tell us about your upcoming plan and releases for this year

I have a lot planned for the year such as; a new sound for my live setup and trying to create a new style for my production. I’d also like to focus on taking more shows abroad this year. Back to my production, I just released a remix I worked on with my friend Etyen who is a great producer who lives in Beirut as well and will be releasing a new EP onto Einmusika (Ein2). Stay tuned and follow my social media accounts to find out more upcoming shows and released content.

Q: Do you have any question to the ones reading this?

What would my listeners recommend I change in my production or performances? Also, I’d like to know which set they enjoyed most on my soundcloud.


Q: Who do you want us to interview next from Beirut?

There’s way too many. I couldn’t list only one. Ask me directly for them!


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