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on Eats Everything's Edible Records

Speaking on the release, Seb discussed how the tracks reflect his musical journey, stating: “All of my experiences are portrayed in this album. From pirate radio to some of the biggest clubs in the world, from raver to DJ. They represent what’s great about both UK club culture and the UK sound. I think theUK is the pulsating heart of electronic music, you only have to look at what’s come from here...hardcore, jungle, garage, dubstep and grime. I wanted to incorporate all of these sounds to tell my story... The Truth In My Steps.”


Seb Zito has carved out a special standing in electronic music since bursting onto pirate radio in the nineties. A longstanding member of the Fuse family, it was here that he first earned his stripes, producing several of Fuse’s most well-loved EPs in the form of Seven Dials and Never. Alongside Enzo Siragusa and Rich Nxt in the early 2010s, Seb played a defining role in forming the particular ‘London sound’ of such an era. Stripped-back, dub-heavy house soundtracked the intimate confines of 93 Feet East throughout Fuse’s residency and it was here that Seb’s early productions brought this sound to a wider audience.Constantly honing his skill in both studio and club settings, it was in 2017 that Seb launched his own label, Seven Dials Records. Named after his maiden release on Fuse, the imprint focuses on the sounds that have shaped the UK’s musical legacy, with the likes of Zac Stanton, Ben Jones, SophieMarie and Alex Mills appearing on the label in recent years. A home for booth grassroots producers as well as long-term friends of old, the imprint represents another footstep in Seb’s musical journey, a testament to his ongoing passion for his craft.

Eats Everything’s Edible has been at the forefront of contemporary house and techno since its inception seven years ago. Early releases from Lord Leopard and Lauren Lane were pivotal in helping shape the label’s sound, paving the way for the likes of Alex Virgo, Paul Woolford, Dance System and many others in recent years and creating the perfect platform for this debut album from Seb.


Seb Zito - Mission FM

Seb Zito - Got That Vibe

Seb Zito - Bad BwoySeb Zito - 2am Lover

Seb Zito - One Finger Skank

Seb Zito - Notting Hill

Seb Zito - Come On

Seb Zito - What’s this Seb?

Seb Zito - Charlies Gaff

Seb Zito - Mans From London

Seb Zito - Let It Never Go


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From early rave days to international club phenomenon, Seb Zito’s rise up the electronic musicranks began in the hustle and bustle of London’s pirate radio scene. An integral part of EnzoSiragusa’s Fuse family since the party’s inception, Seb has established himself as one of theUK’s best-loved talents thanks to iconic productions on Fuse, Kaoz Theory and many morebesides. Now, 2021 looks set to be a career milestone with the release of his debut album TruthIn My Steps, out on Eats Everything’s Edible this April.