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July . 16 . 2023

With "Slow Burn / Sunrise Acid", released under the fledgling banner of Circuit Grooves this coming July, we have an EP by an artist pushing into new territory. In a scene where self-identity and sonic exploration often tango precariously, Slow Assembly marks an exploration of a new and distinct voice for Future Self.

"Slow Burn" kick-starts the experience, slighlty more raw and unpolished than what we previously expected under his other guise. Featuring a thick soundscape that morphs throughout. The track is peppered with raw edges and broken rhythms, but these elements serve less as jarring interruptions and more as detours on a complex, layered journey. This is Slow Assembly pushing beyond the boundaries of the familiar.

On the flip, "Sunrise Acid" ascends into a more acidic territory, whilst keeping the rough atmospheric, breakbeat-infused landscape. It's a track that, despite its name, refuses to be boxed into the confines of a certain type of set. Its acid threads through the track, grounding the breakbeats and offering a tangible connection to its roots.

Slow Assembly's debut on new imprint Circuit Grooves is a departure from his earlier work as Future Self, and a clear sidestep from the polished sounds of Self Control. Instead, this double A-side release celebrates the gritty allure of the underground. It's an exploration of more raw and unrefined soundscapes, a testament to the transformative power of the producer’s resilience to challenge the status quo. If this release tells us anything, it's that Slow Assembly is an artist unafraid to venture into the raw and undomesticated territories of sound.