August 09, 2023

Baikal Nomads is a respected organic house record label that has helped discover and nurture talented producers from across the globe. The label’s new release is from Dutch producer Volzigt who is an Amsterdam-based artist who is well known for co-founding the city’s Club Escargot nightclub. Volzigt is more than just a venue owner, as he is also a skilled producer with music on labels such as Shango Records to his own Obscure Records, which is a label linked to his club events that are also called Obscure.­­­Along with the two original tracks by Volzigt, the release also has remixes by fellow Dutch artists Goro and Thommie G. Goro has links to Volzigt be being a resident at the Obscure events, but he is also a talented music maker whose trippy style has been featured on labels such as Cafe De Anatolia, MONADA and Kosa. Thommie G is no stranger to Baikal Nomads but his spellbinding style can also be heard via other labels such as Sol Selectas and Magician On Duty.The release is titled ‘Pablo's Blistered Paw’ and opens with the original mix of “Blistered Paw” which is an intricate track that fuses shimmering guitar chords with raw bass synths and ghostly vocals. It’s a hallucinogenic track that unfolds with building suspense.“Pablo's” is the second track on the EP, and it’s got a similar sound to its predecessor. It harnesses more of an uplifting vibe that is portrayed via ethereal vocals, while lush synth chords disperse underneath a sparkling delay of FX.Goro and Thommie G both provide remixes of Blistered Paw, where Goro opts for a trippy version that adds in psychoactive sounds, and Thommie G adds more percussion to lift the energy.


You can buy the release below.