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Interviewed by GBS , June.10.2020

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My name is SKALA, I am a 31 years old producer, DJ, pianist and songwriter from Germany, and live in Berlin.

Q: Favorite Club/Venue and why does it stand out from the rest?

Sisyphos and Kater Blau. I love the vibe of Berlin clubs because you are free to be who you are or who you want to be that night. The no camera policy which is in most Berlin clubs makes the people more present in that moment which you can feel on the dance floor.


Q: Analog or Digital? And why?

There is no right answer to it. I work a lot with plugins because I like producing while I am traveling or just sitting somewhere outside. However, the sound of analog synths is very impactful and it’s a different creative approach to play on a physical instrument. But even when I play digitally I also map the controls to a midi controller, so I can use the knobs for automation.


Q: What was the driving force that got you into DJing/Producing and when?

I started playing piano when I was 6 years old and after begging for a long time, I got a Clavinova when I was 13 because I wanted to record my music. It works with a computer disk and I am still using it today! Later I started making Hip Hop beats with Fruity Loops, Cubase, and Reason. Electronic music was always present to me but I didn’t produce much in that field because my friends and I were more into Hip Hop music back then. I actually never thought about becoming a DJ. After school, I pursued a conservative career in real estate but I always did mixtapes (back then on CD) and friends always asked me to play music at their parties, so at some point, I thought to myself „why not learn how to DJ properly“ When I did, I enjoyed it so much and then a few years ago, someone asked me at a gig if I ever tried to live off music? Until then it never really crossed my mind because I was too scared but I tried and now I do what I love full time.


Q: If you were to have a superpower, what would it be and why?

Teleporting for sure! How cool would it be if you could just swap from one place to the other in a second?


Q: If you had to play 1 more track at your favorite club, what track would it be and why?

It changes a lot. Right now I would probably say  Mind Against - Walking Away“ love the dreamy atmosphere and the vocals of the track.


Q: What’s your biggest fear while performing?

That I don’t connect with the crowd. I need the symbiosis with the audience, so we all have the experience of enjoying music together.


Q: 1 person you’d dream to have a coffee with?

My mum. She passed away when I was 19. So many things happened since then and I would love to talk with her about it.

Q: If you would have been given the chance to do a film score from the past, what movie would you choose and why?

Inception. I have very visual dreams most of the time, so the idea of controlling them just fascinates me. Competing with Hans Zimmer’s score would be very difficult though.


Q: Recommend a hidden gem in your home country that would fit a perfect rave?

I think most places in Berlin have been used for raves already, not many hidden  gems anymore.


Q: 3 Tracks that got you into electronic music

Faithless - Insomnia

Benny Benassi - Satisfaction

Robert Miles - Children (Dream Version)

Q: Tell us about your upcoming releases and plans for this year.

On 03.07.2020 I will release my new „Awaken“ Ep on „Ein2“. As most of the gigs aren’t happening due to Covid 19, I will focus on producing more music.

Q: Tell us a fun fact about yourself that most of your listeners don’t know.

I am quite clumsy. My reaction got way better over the years but I can’t even count the times I fell into something, like for example a whole pyramid full of chocolate Santa Claus’ at the supermarket.


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