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Interviewed by GBS , October.05.2020

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Hi there! My name is Jaime Alguersuari, I’m 30 years old and I come from Barcelona. 

Q: Favorite Club/Venue and why does it stand out from the rest?

This is a difficult one. I believe every venue has its own energy and vibe. It’s very difficult to name just one but in general terms if I have to name something I would say to go to Burning Man in Black Rock City... I have had the most fun there! It stands out because it’s not a festival, it’s a community of people who want to enjoy themselves together and the relationships you make there with random people are always special, you run around with no phone and no timing... brilliant! :)


Q: Analog or Digital? And why?

Both! Combination of both is great. I love to work with machinery but also test and adjust the sound with sound emulation plug-ins that cost 5 times less than the actual gear and probably are as efficient or even more than them.


Q: What was the driving force that got you into DJing/Producing and when?

I started DJing when I was 15 years old in 2005 in Ibiza with my friends. We were competing against each other to see who had the strongest record of the night by watching the reaction of the crowd (our friends) dancing. So it was just a matter of winning the challenge at the beginning...


Q: If you were to have a superpower, what would it be and why?

The ability to convince the world about respecting each other by understanding ourselves and questioning ourselves about where we come from. By clearly understanding that we mean nothing compared with the universe itself!


Q: If you had to play 1 more track at your favorite club, what track would it be and why?

The end of it all - John Tejada. I’d always wish to play this one out but it’s a difficult call as well, as the track is pretty nostalgic but it’s a piece of art! I love every single Tejada production.


Q: What’s your biggest fear while performing?

I get a bit upset when the sound isn’t good enough and you can’t really feel the music. 

Q: 1 person you’d dream to have a coffee with?

Jim Kwik

Q: If you would have been given the chance to do a film score from the past, what movie would you choose and why?

Kill Bill. I love the story and the whole scenario that Tarantino creates around this blonde woman recovering from a coma and how she raises her game by finding everyone who tried to kill her to finally get to Bill… fantastic!


Q: Recommend a hidden gem in your home country that would fit a perfect rave?

Hackney beach, it’s a very strange but fun place.


Q: 3 Tracks that got you into electronic music

Jaguar- Dj Rolando

Mandy vs Booka Shade- Body Language

Thomas Melchior and Luciano- Father 

Q: Tell us about your upcoming releases and plans for this year.

So quite a busy year actually. Happy to be releasing some music as I’ve been working quite a lot in the studio during the lockdown. I just recently released a VA for summer on ADID and Einmusika, and my solo EP on Einmusika just dropped earlier this month, ‘The Hidden’.. Next up is my ‘Birdie’ two tracker on Mobilee on October 9th. It’s been a weird time this year, but I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to get lost in my music in the studio and am so happy to share this music with you all! Then I’m releasing again on Behrouz´s Do not Sit for November, and hopefully I can launch my own label Anims for December 2020 which I’m really looking forward to. Also new music already in the pipeline for 2021 ;)

Q: Tell us a fun fact about yourself that most of your listeners don’t know.

I used to race in Formula 1 when I was cute and young hahaha, maybe they knew?? ;)

Thanks for this lovely interview guys. Have a great time and take care of yourselves! Love for Beirut and Lebanon is so deep in my heart, I wish you a fast recovery for your country. Much love, Jaime


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